In the hiring process, there are a number of special hiring authorities the agency can use. These are the Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA), 30% or More Disabled Veteran, and Schedule A. Additionally, when the agency is seeking candidates outside its workforce under merit promotion procedures, preference eligibles and certain Veterans may apply using the Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA). Agencies may also appoint a military spouse using the Military Spouse Appointing Authority. When applying for a Federal job, you want to ensure that the agency has the necessary documentation to identify you are eligible for one or more of the various types of appointment. Documents generally include a DD-214 Member Copy 4, the Standard Form-15 and the Department of Veterans Affairs disability rating letter for civil service preference.

The Veterans' Preference Advisor is a tool that assists Veterans in determining Veterans' preference eligibility through a series of questions. Veterans should note their preference points for use in the application process.

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