Building a federal resume


Federal resumes are vastly different from those found in the private sector and should include as many pages as necessary to detail skills, education, training and experience. Federal resumes should be tailored in order to address specific job requirements. To do this, it is important to read the vacancy announcement very close and identify those skills and qualifications being asked for by the agency. Before creating a Federal resume, Veterans should obtain a copy of your Verification of Military Experience and Training form (DD Form 2586). This document contains education and training data on skills acquired while serving on active duty. In addition, there is a Military Skills Translator tool that translates military experience into Federal civilian experience as well as links you to current open vacancies comparable to your military occupation.

To help facilitate building a Federal resume, should you have any questions or need our assistance, please contact our office.

As a Veteran, transitioning Service Member or military spouse we believe you are seeking a career that will enable you to grow and prosper. We hope you will find your career with DOD.

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