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The Recruitment Assistance Division (RAD) manages and/or supports the following strategic recruitment and outreach programs for the Department of Defense:

Student Training and Academic Recruitment Program (STAR): The STAR program is an innovative program in which students are hired as part-time on-campus representatives to promote DOD as the "Employer of Choice". Through peer-to-peer interaction, STAR students market DOD's various and diverse employment and scholarship opportunities. RAD manages the STAR program, and encourages DOD Components to hire full-time students majoring in academic studies matching DOD's mission critical skills.

DOD Hiring Heroes Program: RAD manages nationally-recognized Hiring Heroes career networking events specifically designed to help wounded, ill and injured Service Members transition to Federal and private sector careers. Through these events, RAD organizes and conducts career fairs throughout the U.S. and provides career guidance, resume writing workshops, and interviewing skills training.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP): RAD staff members provide briefings about DOD career opportunities to separating active duty Service Members and their families during Transition Assistance Program events at various military installations.

Diversity Events: RAD establishes partnerships and conducts marketing and outreach activities directed toward diverse groups and communities, activities intended to promote diversity in DOD's expanding workforce.

College Recruitment: RAD maintains an aggressive recruitment and outreach program with colleges and universities, both locally and throughout the country. RAD develops and maintains relationships with Institutions of Higher Education with academic studies which mirror our DOD mission critical occupations. RAD also establishes partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges, majority schools with significant enrollment of minority students and students with disabilities.


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